Mom Life, Always On The Go

Dirty dishes in the sink and eating on the go. Doesn’t get more Mom life than that right;) Not to mention the little cuties down at my legs begging for chocolate milk 50 + times a day. I’ve begun to accept the fact that my youngest two are chocolate milkaholics. Not even sure if that’s a thing, but it is now. 

Between taking kids to and from school, and all the other errands that get thrown in in-between, plus being preggy… I always have to make sure to have easy snacks to grab on my way out. Some of my go to snacks have been cashews, cutie oranges, peanut M&M’s and lately, these Zing Bar protein bars  (the dark chocolate coconut and dark chocolate mocha are my favorites.) I also have to have my bottled water and Tums with me for all the heartburn that comes with my pregnancies.

Speaking of pregnancy, baby girl has been playing tricks with me since Friday evening! I started getting some pretty strong contractions at 10pm that lasted up until 1:30am then stopped and started again the next morning at 10am. Then off and on for the rest of the day. I thought for sure we would be heading to the hospital Saturday evening, but nope. I guess baby girl has a different plan. Just wish she would let me in on it because this guessing game is rough!

Come on baby girl, we CANNOT WAIT to meet you!!


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