What to pack in your hospital bag

Once I got my hospital bag packed, things started to feel a lot more real for me! I made sure to pack some things this time around that I was wishing I had with my last three babes. Like; my own soft blanket, chocolate and lotion! I listed everything below. 🙂

  1. Outfit for baby
  2. Comfy robe and nursing bra
  3. Socks
  4. Slippers
  5. chapstick
  6. Swaddle for baby
  7. Lotion — I’ve been loving this lotion and it’s natural ingredients! I’ll talk more about it below.
  8. Favorite essential oils
  9. Favorite snacks & chocolate!  I’m loving these Zing bars
  10. Things to do — I’m bringing a favorite magazine and my promptly journal)
  11. Comfy blanket — I’m bringing this one Ev got me for Christmas! Seriously the most comfy blanket EVER.
  12. Toiletries
  13. Extra bag take home back
  14. Comfy outfit to wear home

Gibson girl was so cute helping me pack my hospital bag. She made sure she got to be the one to put in all the things for baby Sister. These photo’s of her holding up the little outfit just melts me. I love how excited she is, she’s going to make the best big sissy!! She is also really into dressing herself these days and will only wear dresses. This particular day she had to not only wear a dress, but two dresses haha. She cracks me up.

Gibby wanted to try out some of the lotion before we packed it in the bag. This stuff is seriously so good! I’m wishing I had it with my other pregnancies and babes. The baby lotion smells really good and I love that it’s both safe for baby and mama and it adheres to the principles of sustainable development. It also leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth without the oily feeling. I can’t wait to rub it on baby sister after her first bath!

If you have any questions about the Mustela products or want to try them out for yourself, you can learn more about them here!

Can’t wait for baby girl to get here!!!


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