Snow Day!

Waking up to snow was pretty close to Christmas morning for these three. We don’t see a lot of it where we live, so I think that’s what keeps them excited about it! We ate breakfast then ran to the store to get some snow clothes, snow gloves and sleds. The first place we stopped at was all out of snow gloves (I guess we weren’t the only ones on a hunt for some) but we did find some snow gear on clearance so that was a score. Then we stopped at one more place for snow gloves and a sled. They were all out of sleds… but we did find some snow gloves! By that time, the little loves were all ready for lunch so we grabbed some food then headed to the park to meet my Sister Chantelle for some fun in the snow.  Since we only had one sled between all of us, we improvised with the boys boogie boards haha. They didn’t work as good as the sled but it at least kept them busy while they waited for their turn to slide down the hill.

A typical Nixon face. ^^ <3

Copey boy!! My cute little nephew.

Jovi means business 😉

We triple layered the socks and they wear their rain boots since we don’t own any snow boats!

Her rosie cheeks and that pink snowsuit!! Man I love my Gibson girl.

Nix going down the slid with his boogie board. He’s always coming up with new creations and ways to have fun.

Haiven (my niece) loves the snow! She was in heaven.

You can’t really tell here, but my sis is now 39 weeks preggers and I’m 37 weeks! She started having consistent contractions over the weekend but then they stopped. (the worse!) Hopefully her babe will be making an appearance sometime this week!!! Can’t believe it’s already that time.

The snow completely melted within two days. haha. It was just long enough for the kids to have fun playing in it and then be gone — because I know for a fact that living in the snow isn’t quite as exciting for them (they started to hate it when we lived in Missouri)  So a couple of days was just perfect for us!

Keep warm everyone!

Happy Monday


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