Our Bedtime Routine

bedtime routineEver since our little loves were young, we have had some sort of a bedtime routine. This helps prepare them for when the “dreaded” bedtime is approaching. πŸ˜‰ “do I have to go to sleep right nowwww?!! 10 more mins pleasssse.” Sound familiar?  Some nights we can get through the whole routine buuuuuut other nights we are struggling to get through stories and brushing teeth. We just take each night as they come and try not to beat ourselves up for missing someone’s teeth brushing before they fell asleep. 

We have noticed it really helps with our kiddos attitudes and behavior in having some sort of set bedtime routine. It helps to prepare them for whats to come and also gives them something to rely on when our busy day is coming to come.

Another thing we have found helpful with having some sort of a routine is when it comes to traveling. Even if they have a later bedtime, we still include one or more of the following and it really seems to help!

20 min show



Drinks in their special cups

brush teeth


Fly or hop to bed (they get to choose;))

Then we tuck them in their beds and say;

“You’re handsome (or pretty) and amazing, what was your favorite part of the day?!”  Their responds lately has been, “the whole day!”

bedtime routine

We set a timer for 25 seconds just to make our teeth brushing experience a little more fun.

We race to see how clean we can get them!

Jovi snuck into Gibby’s bed and they were trying trick Nixon into thinking they were asleep.

Gibson was the first to crack. haha

They like to lay in Mama & Daddy’s bed for their show and stories. Often times, they all fall asleep here and then both Ev and I will carry them to their beds.

2 out of the 4 actually stay in their own beds the whole night. I’ll let you determine which 2 πŸ˜‰

Jovi was pretty excited about these jams! I think he looks pretty dang cute in them. I got them from Tea Collection! and just learned that the Tea designers pack their bags and travel to a new destination for two weeks for each collection! Their current collection is inspired by Australia, so cute! Jovi is still convinced that a baby kangaroo is called a “Jovi” not a joey. So he was pretty stoked on these.

This is probably one of my favorite photos right now. Gibson and Jovi fell over from laughing so hard! Nixon loves making people laugh and he was feeling pretty accomplished with this one. haha

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