Dejunking my house and Mind

So honestly, I was going to take this blog post a different directions but started typing and this is what I ended up with! But I think it’s something that needed to be shared and I feel like it’s important so here we go! This past week we have been busy rearranging/dejunking pretty much the entire house. So today called for a chill day. And you can bet I curled up right next to this little snuggle bug and took a little nap myself, which honestly I NEVER DO! It almost made me feel  guilty because I always feel like there is something else I should be doing, cleaning, folding, etc. But I’m so glad I did. I’m glad for this little moment that reminded me that It’s okay to take a breather sometimes and to fill up my mama cup — something I have been trying to be more mindful of because I’m realizing – more than ever lately – just how important it is!

I’m the type that is always putting myself on the back burner and putting others need before mine, I actually prefer it that way because putting myself first feels way too selfish right??! right? Wrong! There’s nothing wrong with putting others need before yours but when you’re doing it in an unhealthy manner, that’s when something needs to change and thats where I was going wrong. I was neglecting myself without even realizing it. Not only with my actions, but with my thoughts as well! I was trying to constantly give give give and was forgetting to take care of myself and fill up my own cup until sooner or later I would run out of things to give. It was a vicious cycle and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

I’ve always heard how powerful our thoughts are and believed it, but now I believe it more than ever! Thoughts are sooooooo dang powerful! And just being more mindful of those thoughts is the key. I honestly never even realized how much I would pick myself apart through “habit thoughts” throughout the day. It’s like my brain was on auto pilot with a lot of negativity floating around in there. So here I was giving all I could give without filling my Mama cup all while beating myself up internally along the way. Through meditating and energy work I’ve been able to acknowledge what needed to change and change it quick! Being more mindful of my thoughts and quickly replacing them or turning them into a positive and working hard to keep that mama cup full…


I no longer look at taking care of my own needs first as being selfish, it’s out of love for myself and for my family. Because when mama’s needs are met everyones needs are met right? 🙂

So I want you to start practicing something with me?! Will you? Start today by paying attention to your thoughts, the ones you’re having right now about yourself. Are they positive? negative? nice? not so nice? would you say whatever you’re thinking about yourself to another person?? If you answered any of these how I did in the past, don’t worry, there’s still time to change those negative – not so nice thoughts and replace them with positivity. Remember the key here is being more mindful, lets call it — MINDFULLNESS. Start being more mindful about your thoughts and fill up that cup of yours so dang much that it starts to overflow so much that you have plenty leftover to share and give to others!

Have a great weekend loves!

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