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As a Mother of four, Life of course is busy and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of exactly how much time they’re spending on the tablet. Recently I came across an educational app that locks apps, AND even manages all of their devices at once with just one app. It’s called ScreenTime Learning, it’s available in the Google Play Store.

ScreenTime Learning isn’t your typical parental control app, in fact the app encourages kids to use their device, there are just steps they must follow first. The app works by inserting math games in the center of your child’s screen, once they answer the questions correctly, they can proceed to using their device. It is an awesome way to get to control the amount of time your kids spend on their device and for them to get some mental development through educational yet, fun math games!

When I set up the app on their tablet, I could set up how open the “lock screen”quizzes will appear and how many questions they must answer before continuing onto their device. It gave me the option to create custom quizzes, change the frequency and difficulty level as well as monitor their performance through the ScreenTime Learning desktop site. The app has even considered emergency situations and allows children to make phone calls during lock screen quizzes.

I love that it even gives me the option to lock apps at any time as well! The makers of the app have conducted research with top academics and PhD learning sciences to figure out a system that truly works with educating children in grades 1-6. As your child answers more questions, the app adapts your kids’ progress, age and grade level. ScreenTime Learning remotely monitors how well kids are doing on these math quizzes and provides more challenging questions as your child continues to learn and improve on math.

Currently the app includes subjects on counting, algebra, geometry, fractions and ratios.I gave the app a trial run for free by taking advantage of their free 7-day trial before I committed. I now pay $4.95 a month for their service but I know I’m getting more than just a parental control app. It’s also a steal when you take in the fact that you can manage up to five kid’s devices. If you’re looking for an app to help your child pick up some math skills as well as manage how much time they’re spending on their devices, you should go check it out


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