A Fairytale Theme Halloween

family costume ideas

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! We started ours out by running around grabbing last minute things for our costumes haha. I’m still surprised I was able to pull our costume’s together in the same day! The girls and I went to a few different stores and ended up finding exactly what I was looking for. Then after that we met up at Mongolian barbecue with my Sisters and Brother Caleb to celebrate his 21st Birthday.  After that we all met at my moms to get dressed up in our costumes. Nixon really wanted to be a dragon this year and after searching three different places in town, I decided to just make one.  I bought a red sweatshirt and hot glued yellow felt triangles to it and then found a dragon mask at TJ Maxx. It ended up turning out really cute! Considering it was so last minute haha. We ended up being a fairytale theme,  Losee babe was a little pumpkin fairy, Gibson was a butterfly, Jovi was a knight, Nix was the dragon and Evan and I were the king and queen!

After we finished getting ready we took the kids to the Zion factory mall to do some trick-or-treating then we met Evan at the salon once he was finished for the day. Then headed off to Santa Clara to the popular neighborhood where they close off the street and have has all sorts of Halloween activities! There was corndogs, popcorn, french fries a movie playing and even a haunted house this year! It was so fun. By the end of it all we were all pretty exhausted and crashed pretty hard that night.

family themed costumes



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