New Years Eve

Happy New Year!!! It’s January 2nd and I can already feel a fresh new change in the air for the Stowers home. We sat down as a couple and then as a family and discussed how we want this new year to look, things we want to improve or change, debits we want to pay off and places we want to explore. Jovi said he wants us to make more videos for our youtube channel because he loves watching them, Nixon wants to go to more pools and parks, Gibby wants to go on more Mama Gibby dates and both Ev and I want to make it down to the beach more this year. I also want to make more of an effort to cook a couple homemade meals a week and go on more family walks/bike rides together.

This year I have been a lot more careful with goal setting and setting myself up for success rather than just wishful thinking and failure. Our brain is a tricky thing and it’s just about learning how to talk to it to get what we want our end result to be. And about celebrating the little accomplishments as will as the big ones and enjoying the process along the way. A friend on insta shared a video about setting systems instead of goals which I LOVED. Every time you create a system, you are achieving and moving towards something. Goal setting in a way can make you feel like you’re failing until you have achieve that certain goal. I’ll link the video below for anyone who is interested!

R I N G I N G  I N  T H E  N E W  Y E A R  W I T H  S P A R K L E R S  We used a candle to light the sparklers because our lighter ran out Losee wasn’t sure what to think of the sparklers, she just kept staring at them! Jovi was too scared to hold one and ran inside until we were done, poor kid not sure what has changed since the fourth of July because he held them then!

H A P P Y  2 0 1 8 !!!!!!



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