DIY Earrings

D.I.Y -Spray paint Earrings
Really anyone could do this!  I just taped off the areas I didn’t want painted, laid them on some newspaper, and then spray painted over them. Finito! That’s it!
Before & After 
 Well guess what??!
I got the laundry room cleaned and organized! Yessss. I even found time to paint the wall.  It feels so good to have that project done. 
 While I was cleaning, I listened to a book my sister-in-law reccommended called,  Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson. It is SOO good.  I would highly suggest you read it.  It’s about her and her husband surviving a plane wreck and the hardships and trials they had to go through.  It really makes you appreciate life more and helps you realize the things you may have been taking for granted.   
I would also suggest you go check out her cute blog if you haven’t already.
Project completed!

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