Random Thoughts

{Sorry for the gross feet picture}

So last night while Evan and I were watching Bones, I decided to paint my toes.  I painted them a random pattern with red and blue polish. When I was done I kept thinking that they reminded me of something..  but I couln’t think of what.  Then It came to me,  Guess Who!   They reminded me of the game Guess Who.  My Sister and I used to play it for hours when we were little. It kinda makes me want to go play it now.  Anyone up for a game of Guess Who?!!


This is my Mother, she’s beautiful isn’t she? All that I am and all that I’ve accomplished I owe to this woman. She is the hardest working person I know. And such a great example to me. She also has great taste in fashion;) love you Mamma.

Sorry for the random post.  More project is coming next week!!! 
 Be ready.

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