Art is an expression.

Art has always been a big part of my life growing up. So when I see my boys enjoying it, it makes me very happy. 

I still remember sitting around the kitchen table, painting or making crafts while listening to classical music as a little girl. 

I also remember a time in my teenage years, painting a picture of Elvis with acrylics while listening to Norah Jones as it poured rain outside. I love memories like those. 

Yesterday, while Jovi was napping, Nixon and I turned on some classical tunes while we painted turkey pictures for Thanksgiving.

 He is quite the good little painter I might add. I’m thinking he’s going to pass me up pretty soon. 

It’s cute to watch him when he paints, he really gets into it. Sometimes he will even stick his tongue out when he’s deep in concentration. It’s so cute it makes me laugh.

After we finished painting, he played with his farm while I prepared lunch.

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