I have to say, I am really starting to enjoy this gardening business. 
It’s been fun to see our mini garden grow. 
Nixon helped plant the carrots and was so excited to see the plants finally growing.
He dumped quite a bit in one spot that I’m going to have to thin out, but other than that, they are growing very nicely. 😉
Nix helps me water the garden every morning when we get up.
It’s been fun to teach him where our fruits and veggies really come from.
He was surprised to learn that. Me- “No they don’t just magically appear in the grocery store. They grow on a farm or in gardens.” Nixon- “Oh like where the cows live?!”
Me- “Yes exactly.”

Nix thought it would be a good idea to stick a flower in my ear instead of behind my ear. Then busting up laughing because I jumped when it went inside my ear! Haha I love my little Nixon buddy. 
I found this article very helpful and thought I’d share it.

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