Christmas Cookies

Last night we decorated Christmas cookies. Nix was all about it and wanted to be apart of the whole process. From dumping the powder into the mixing bowl – to rolling the cookie dough into tiny little balls and stamping it with cookie cutters- to setting the candy out on the table, he was apart of it all. And a really good helper I might add. Jov could have cared less about helping until it came to the candy part, then he was all about it. 
As we started decorating our cookies, Jovi starts shoving as many chocolate kisses into his mouth as he possible could while saving only a few for the actual cookies. Nixon was all about seeing how many pieces of candy he could fit on his cookies, and he did a really good job at it. Not an inch of frosting was left showing. Gibby was a good cheerleader and hung out on the floor most of the time rolling around and drooling everywhere. 
When Babe got home later that evening, the boys were so excited to show off their masterpieces. We turned on White Christmas and Ev worked on homework (finals week) while I tidied up the house and the kiddies snuggled up on our bed to watch one of their favorite shows. 
Here is the cookie recipe I used.

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