Out with the girls

 a few weeks ago my mama, sisters and I were feeling pretty brave and attempted some pre-Christmas browsing at Tia Pan.  And when I say brave, I mean really brave because we took all the kiddies with us. 
They surprised me and did fairly well considering… as long as Nixon and Kwade had a phone in their hand to entertain them, we were in good shape.
Tia Pan has a lot of cute Christmas stuff out right now. It made me excited to go home and decorate for Christmas. Speaking of decorating, it’s December 9th and I still haven’t hung the stockings with care! Does Gibby even have a Christmas stocking? Shoot I better get on that stat.
My Sister Chantelle bought some really cute Christmas mugs^^^ and got a cute idea of how to revamp an old Christmas wreath she had for her front door. I came out empty handed which is fine. It was just fun to get out and to spend some time with my family doing something different. And surprisingly we all made it out in one piece.

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