Messy Paintings

Post by Evan Stowers

I have a painting in my family room of John Wayne. I had to paint a picture for an intro art class in college so I thought a John Wayne picture inspired by Andy Warhol would be cool. I don’t remember the last time I painted and I know this painting is not the best around and that’s why I love it. Why does something have to be the absolute best to display It? 

Remember when you were five and everything you did was amazing? I have a 3 year old and seriously to me everything he does is amazing. He builds these awesome towers and draws some pretty funny pictures. I love to have him interpret what the picture is not because I can’t tell at times but more because I’m fascinated by what he’s conceptualizing in his mind. 

Then we grow up and for some reason nothing can be messy, if anything isn’t perfect we hide it, we don’t share what we think cannot be interpreted by others. Why are we so concerned with being perfect? I think the best things are those things genuinely made by others, even if it is a little rough. 

We have computers to make things perfectly and if I wanted something perfect I would have just printed a John Wayne picture and put it on my wall. Don’t be afraid to be messy, in fact, I say embrace the messy. I have two brothers who make shirts. To them they are nothing great; I actually think one doesn’t think they are not good at all. I love them. My brothers actually hand draw the design of these shirts and make them. They may appear a little rough and that’s why I celebrate them. If I wanted a perfect shirt I would buy it, but sometimes I just don’t want to be a robot. Be you; be a little messy, that’s what makes you fun and unique. 

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