Photo Diary – 1.15.2014


1. Watching cartoons in Mama’s bed after a morning shower.
2. Cabbage Patch kids.
3. Jovi trying to hide from me right before nap-time.
4. I love when Nixon smooches me on his own. No bribes here!^^^
5. This empty saltine box was put to good use this afternoon. Jov used it as a rocket ship for his robot. 
6. This 3 year old is going to be 4 in 3 months.
7. I told Nixon that we needed to brush his teeth so that they don’t rot and fall out of his head. His response to that was, “but I want them to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy will come and leave me stuff under my pillow!” haha well that backfired. So then I said, “well the Tooth Fairy likes white teeth not yellow teeth so we better brush them.”
8. Playing cars together. Gibson was opt to be the car-washer. She’s a little slobber monster.
9. Nixon’s little profile kills me <3
10. After a bath, we read stories by the fire with a bowl of applesauce, say prayers, then off to bed after a foot rub with essential oils. They love it!

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