Bear Claw Poppy Trail

A few Saturdays ago, while Ev was working, the kiddies and I ventured out for a little hike. 
I was a little nervous about going because last time we took them for a hike they both just wanted to be held the whole time. And how was I going to hold 3 little kids??
I packed a few snacks, got baby in her hiking pack and we headed out. 
The boys ended up loving it this time around, did some exploring and collected some rocks for their rock garden.
 Jovi had to wear his dads hat and bring his blanket along. 
Nixon found a pretty cool rock and as he picked it up he said, “man, look at this sexy rock Mama!” haha it made me laugh pretty hard.
We also found some Brigham Tea I remember collecting when I was little. 
I had to be the one to say k lets go home this time. 
They would have hiked all day.

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