Dinner Conversations

I love this little family of mine. I also love the stage of life we are in. 
The kids are young and big mess makers but also so much fun. 
They are growing up so fast, and at times I just want to freeze time. 
Life can get pretty crazy at times, but it’s these little crazy’s that I live for.

Dinner conversations go a little something like this…

-Jovi sit down please.
-Nixon get off the table.
-Please don’t dump your drink on your food.
-No you have to eat your food first before you can have that fruit roll up.
Nixon; Eww that smells like poop.
Jovi; No want that!

We have learned with Jovi that if you tell him not to eat his food he well. Reverse psychology works good with him I guess.

I’ll say; “Jov don’t eat that apple on your plate!” He then laughs and eats it. He’s such a little tease. I love it.

Nixon is actually getting really good with eating now. He has been trying new things and liking them! This makes me very happy. His latest ones are; tomato soup, coleslaw and Philly cheese steaks! What a guy.


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