Spring Garden

We got our spring garden in finally. The boys are always so helpful when it comes to planting the garden, often a little too helpful 😉 They did pretty good at first. but then it quickly lead to being silly and wanting to make mud balls instead of helping. Gibs was a good cheerleader and cheered us on with lots of smiles and arm flapping.

Everything seems to be growing pretty good so far. The carrots are starting to come in and the lettuce is growing taller. This is my first time growing lettuce and I’m pretty excited about it! A fresh garden salad?! Doesn’t that sound so delicious and refreshing?! Yum.

Nixon wanted to move his flower he has been growing in a cup from Primary into our garden. He picked out the “perfect spot” as he called it and has been taking very good care of it since. He cracks me up with how precise he his. I just love my three little ones:) 


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