Urban Walls – Gibson’s side of the room.

It’s been a busy busy week. I got a few projects checked off my To Do List, was all of the sudden slammed with sells on my Etsy shop (famine or feast I tell you)
 got our mini mini van all cleaned out and vacuumed! -I’m a little bit crazy when it comes to having a clean car and it’s sooooo hard to keep it clean with our 3 little cute piggies. 
So when it is cleaned, I am one happy Mama!
 I could live in it right not, I’m not even kidding.
Anyyyways, my favorite project to get done this week was Gibson’s room. 
I loved these cute little Flamingo decals from Urban Walls and was so excited to put them up after they arrived this week! 
I love how it turned out and I think Gibs is happy about it too. 

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