Rock Climbing & Family Life

Last weekend, our friends Dan & Megan took us out rock climbing.
I had only been once before, and was a little nervous but also excited to go try it out again.

Ev has been going with Dan on Tuesdays, so he went first to show me the ropes.
And man did he look good doing it ;);) (insert heart eyed emoji here.)
Next, it was my turn.

It was a little hard at first, but once I got the technique, I didn’t want to stop.
It really was a blast and somewhat addicting.

When we were finished, I felt so enpowered and energized!
Like I was on top of the world!
It also made me feel like I needed to start doing push ups again,
or maybe lift some weights, because my arms were feeling pretty weak!

After the climb, we hurried back to pick up the little ones from my parents house.
Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have such amazing parents?!
Really, I am so lucky.
And so are our little ones to have such awesome loving grandparents! (on both sides!)

Ev and I both lucked out in the family department.
We are both very close with our families and love them all so much.
All of their love and support is very much appreciated.

We feel so so blessed.

We also hope to carry this feeling of love and closeness we have felt growing up into our own little family life.

Because family is most important thing.
To us.


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