Mama Son Date

The other day, the boys and I went on a little Mama/son date to pick out some pumpkins. Babe stayed home with Gibson which I’m sure she was excited to have some one and one time with her Daddy. When we got to the grocery store, there were a lot of big bright orange pumpkins to choose from. 
The boys were going nuts! 
Nix picked out a little white pumpkin (the only one out of the whole batch) He was so proud of his choice and so excited to bring it home to show daddy and Gibby. 
He helped Jovi pick out “the perfect orange one” then we went inside to grab a few groceries and headed back home.
As we were driving, I noticed how gorgeous the sunset was and thought it would be cool to drive up the hill by our house to watch it set with the boys. It really was breathtaking. The boys kept say “wowww look at the beautiful sky!” 
I snapped a few pics, they threw some dirt clods and we continued our way home. 
(I had totally forgot about the ice cream and Popsicle’s just sitting in the car probably melting, oops.) 
They weren’t too bad when we finally got them into the freezer and made it a lot easier to scoop out the ice cream for a delicious malt shake mmmm. 

 photo taylisig_zps31f65bb1.png

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