Cherish Every Moment

During Gibby’s nap time, I usually try and set aside some time to do an activity with the boys to make sure they have some quality time with just me and them. Life gets so crazy at times with all the distractions, and to do list’s. so I think we all look forward to these little moments where we can just play, laugh and have fun together.

After snapping a few pics of them blowing bubbles, my phone went inside the house, and it was just me and them playing with no distractions. When I can really focus on the moment and fully be there in the moment, these are the times that make my heart so happy. And It doesn’t matter what we are doing, anything can turn into a real memorable moment just being there and fully engaged. 

I often try and do way too many things at the same time. Where at the end of the day my brain feels like a big pile of mush. Mom life right. But when I can force myself to just focus at one thing at a time, I can get more accomplished in that day. But it’s sooo hard for me because I’m usually just bouncing around to whatever little thing comes my way. 
Like today I’m cleaning the front room when I notice my favorite candle I haven’t lit for a while, so I think, hey I should light that. I head into the kitchen, where I notice the toast in the the toaster that I forgot to give to Jovi. I get that taken care of then remember I wanted to mop the kitchen floor while Gibby was napping. Then after I’m finished with that, I go back into the front room to turn off the TV and realize I hadn’t finished cleaning that room and then remember, oh yeah, the candle!  That’s just a little peak inside my brain, Ya it’s pretty bad! But I’m working on it. I think that’s why I look to mediating so much (which I need to get better at doing) it helps me calm on the noise and just be more present in that moment. I’m trying to tell myself to slow down more, ask myself if what I’m doing or focusing on is really that important, and if the answer is no, then I need to replace it with what is important to me. If it’s not going to help me achieve my goals, then I need to get rid of it. If it’s distracting me from achieving and reaching my goals than I definitely need to get rid of it. Life is too short to be so caught up in the stuff that in the end just does not even matter. now I’m just rambling. I think if I summed this post up into a few sentences it would be; Stop letting the less important things distract you from what is really important. Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now. And most importantly, try a little harder to be more present and in the moment, because before you know it, all the memories of your littles will be in pictures and they will be raising littles of their own. Cherish. every. moment.


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