First Day of Summer School & a Trip to the Pool

Nix started summer school this week! I’ve been having mixed feelings about it ever since I gave him the option of going or not. I’m just not ready to face the fact I have an almost kindergartner. Wait, what?! See I still can’t believe it. But on the other hand, I really am so excited for him to continue down the road of “growing up too fast” whether i like it or not. 😉

This morning when I got him up, he was SO excited to go to “summer school” (is what he’s calling it) and had the biggest grin on his face as I kissed him good morning. It was fun to have a little bit of one on one time with him has i was getting him ready while the others were still sleeping. He hardly could eat any of his breakfast because of how excited he was to go. We left the house (earlier than we needed to) just because he couldn’t wait any longer haha. I walked him to his classroom and we found the desk that said his name on it. I kissed him bye and then peeked back as i was leaving the room and saw him already raising his hand for a question haha. He’s the cutest and always has SO many questions. It will be nice to have someone else answering them to give me a break for a few hours out of the day.;)

The day went by slow and fast all at the same time. It felt really weird not having him there, it was weird for all of us i think and will just take a bit to get us to. First thing Jovi asked me when I got home was, “mom, where’s Nixon?” and then after lunch he brought up how “Nix was talking soooo lonng to get home!” Gibby also was going around the house looking for Nix when she found his blanket under the kitchen table. she kept saying “Nisss, Nissss, where are youuuu?!” in her cute little Gibby voice.
But I will say that running errands with only two kids was pretttttyy great. Of course still not as great as shopping with no kids is but two did feel a lot more manageable.
After running errands, my friend Eliza invited us to go swim at their pool. We hadn’t been swimming yet this summer so we were all pretty excited about it. I got Jovi and Gibby ready and then grabbed a suit for Nix. We swam for a bit, then Gibby stayed at the pool with Eliza and her kids while Jov and I went to go get Nix from “summer school” when it was time.
When it was finally our turn in the long line of cars, I could finally see Nix standing by his teacher. He got so excited when he spotted us and I got so excited when he started running over to our car. I suddenly turned into “that mom” waving frantically at their child who they hadn’t seen in a few hours with the biggest smile on my face! No shame here, I missed him and couldn’t wait to hear all about his day.
As the teacher helped him in the car she looked at me and said, “can I just keep him please?! He’s too cute and was such a good help in the classroom today!” That just made my mama heart want to burst. He really is such a good little boy, despite our differences and lets see who gets their own way this time, he really is a special little dude that I have been so blessed to raise. It makes my heart swell when others see that as well. We are still trying to figure out this I’m the parent and your the son thing all out. I’m no were perfect with it, but I know that I need him just as much as he needs me and we are figuring it all out as we go together.
He as beaming when I asked him how his day went and even more when I told him we were going to go swimming at Reese’s pool! Jov was also excited to see him and they both told each other what they had been up to all day on our way back to the pool.
The pool was so so nice. I had a moment where I was watching everyone play and just thought how good life is right now and how good it feels to be a Mom. To see the joy in the eyes of these little humans I’m raising. There really is nothing better. Sure being a Mom comes with a lot of work, stress, cleaning and dirty diapers all day on repeat, but hey, that’s life and with out those crazy times we would never truly know the feeling of pure joy and happiness. Life is bliss. 


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