Lake day ♡

We were having a bit of a rough morning, so when my sister Kylie text me was said, “guys, let’s go to the lake!” I was all for it. 
We got everything packed up and left an hour later than we had said I’ll just go a head and blame the kiddos on that one 😉
On our way there, Nix asked if we were going to California (ever since he was three he’s been obsessed with California, which is funny because he’s only been there once when he was one, soooo I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember it haha but still talks about it like he does.) but anyways when I said nope we are heading to the lake and then he asked if it had a beach, I told him it was kinda like a beach but not quite. And from then on, both him and jovi called it their beach and ocean. Our mini ocean in southern Utah, I’ll take it. 

Once we got all our crap hauled from the car to the perfect spot oh wait, then to another perfect spot (first one was a little too muddy) we spent the afternoon snacking, swimming, skipping rocks, time out-ing for Nixon, then hunting for crawdads, a little yoga sesh and then more snacking. 
Not sure what I would do without my Sissy’s 
Nix actually snuck this guy home in a water bottle, then put him in a fish bowl with a big rock in it for some land. 
He named him grumpy claw, Buuuut grumpy claw didn’t last long as our house hold pet. RIP.
Other than a pretty big meltdown from my favorite five year old, it was a pretty fun trip to the lake! not sure why we haven’t spent more of this summer here. 
Later that night, my parents went to the temple and my siblings and I deep cleaned the house while they were gone to surprise them. It was fun we even got the littles involved. Once we heard the parents pull up, we had all the lights off in the house and yelled “SURPRISE!” Once they opened the door. All the kids were squalling with excitement and showed off all their hard work 😉 


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