Bridal Veil Falls

It was fun to switch things up a bit from our usual cafe rio park dates and head up to the mountains. It was SUPER windy when we first got there, but that didn’t keep us from having a good time. After we ate some lunch, the boys and Gibby explored around, slid down the dirt trail, found some snails and a huge leave and jumped in the little springs on our way up the trail to the falls. 

Gibson never seems to mind that she is pretty out numbered when we get together with our friends Lindsy & Jamie. Between the three of us, it was 7 boys to one girl. Haiven is usually there, but Chantelle wasn’t able to come, so Gibs was running the show. I think she loved it. Both Kyron and Tayson were fighting over her attention the whole time. 😉
Nixon and Jovi climbed up part of the waterfall and was pretty proud about it. On the way down, Jov started getting a little scared so Nixon came to his rescue. Once they made it back down, Nix says to me, “Mom, I helped jovi down when he got scared, take a picture of us!” and then he puts his arm around his brother for the picture. #heartmelting. I posted it at the end of this post. Such a sweet brotherly moment. 
A friend is someone you can always lean on and tell them anything and know they will always love you no matter what. 
I got pretty lucky in the friend department. 
Dogs always stop these boys dead in their tracks. 
This one in particular was so nice and the owner was so sweet to let all our kiddos love on her dog for a few minutes. ^^
Cuddling up close to Auntie Kye Kye and Uncle Kenny whole later came to join our crew. 
My kiddos kinda love having them around! 
Nix asks me all the time if he can go over to Kylie’s house because her house is SO much fun. 
Cheetos’s then a pickle was this girls choice of snacks. 
She’s been obsessed with pickles lately and will even do a pickle dance every time I give her one. 
Don’t even get me started on that cheesy grin! Gets me every time.

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