Feeding the ducks. Well, sort of.

Since the first family outing didn’t go as planned (see previous post) I wanted to try and make up for it by getting out and feeding the ducks. There’s a little duck pond not far from our house so that’s where we went. As we pulled up to the pond, a gust of windy came trailing in followed by a sprinkles of rain. Really?!! Then I also realized that we had left the bread back at home on the counter. ┬áReally again?!! Tempted to turn around and go home and surrender to yet another failed family outing, I thought, let’s just get out of the car and make the most of it! Plus Nix perks up and says, “lets all go play in the rain!”
I do have to say, that the small crisp drops of rain and the wild windy bowing our hair around, did make things more exciting. The little loves strolled around the pond following the ducks around, Gibson did a few rain dances, and it ended up being the perfect little family outing in a not so perfect way.

It got pretty windy! Look at the small waves it was causing in the pond.
Jovi thought it was pretty cool!

I think Ev was pretty deep in thought in this pic ^^ haha A lot on his mind lately.
Ready for take off^^
Gibson’s sweet little hat can be found | here |

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