Kwades Soccer Game

The boys had been begging for me to take them to one of kwades soccer games. So a few weeks ago, we were finally able to go. I asked Nixon and Jovi if they would ever want to play soccer like kwade, so far they don’t really have an interest. But it was worth a shot right! It will be fun to see what our kids decided to take on. Both Evan and I never really did sports growing up, I was only interested in painting, drawing and building cool forts out of pallets and Evan was really into playing music with his band. But now that I think of it, I do remember seeing photos of Ev playing soccer when he was little and I just asked him if the remembered liking soccer (he’s sitting next to me on the couch right now watching a show on Hulu while I type :))  anyways, he said that he liked playing it buuut, he didn’t like being the goalie because he didn’t like getting hit haha. That totally sounds just like something Nixon would say. So I guess we will see what happens! Nix did mention that he might want to play tennis, so maybe if he mentions it again we will start looking into lessons for him.

Also, ever since my parents exchange student Yosi, the boys have really been into breakdancing. Jovi was throwing down some pretty good breakdance moves at Kara’s wedding (Evan’s Sister) just the other week haha, it was pretty dang cute! I wish they had classes here where we live but i haven’t heard of any yet. As for Gibson girl, I really, really would love to get her into some sort of dance class! My sister Chantelle were talking and thought it would be fun to get both our girls into a class together. Gibs will be three in July, so maybe after the summer I will start looking into something for her.

girls denim dress IMG_4590

My Cute Grandma and Papa and my Mama and Daddy’O watching kwade score a goal!

Love them all so much.

fawn design diaper bagIMG_4599cute denim dress for little girls

Gibs loved watching kwade play! When we first got there, she kept wanting to run onto the field to go give him a hug haha. She had the hardest time waiting until after he was done.


Auntie kye kye and Nixon boy. The sun was so bright so he shared his sunglasses with her. Such a sweet little dude. Funny side note; the sun totally makes Nixon and Evan sneeze. It’s the funniest thing. It usually happens when they have been inside the house or the car and then go outside. I told them it’s because they both have blue eyes but I really don’t know why it happens to only them and none of the rest of us brown/hazel eyed people.

soccer fieldcute diaper bags

I’m glad we finally got to go watch him play, that kid is seriously good at any sport! I was also glad I grabbed my camera last-minute as we were racing out the door! It fits so nicely in this Fawn diaper bag! I’m loving it. Some friends have been asking me about it and If I’m liking it, and so far some of the selling points for me has been, all of the pockets on the outside and inside! The option to wear it as a backpack (which is my go-to way) and how much I can fit so much inside! (I have been warned not to cram too much in there so that the straps don’t rip off) but so far, I’d give it a big two thumbs up.

Fawn bag | here

My V-neck gray tee | similar here, here and here

Gibson’s denim dress | similar here and here


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