school carnival

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Nixon had his school carnival a few weeks ago. He had been counting down and was so excited when the day finally came. He and Jov have been pulling my heart strings pretty good lately. While they were in line for one of the activities, I caught them holding hands. I about died! They held all the way until it was their turn. It’s stuff like that makes this crazy mom life so worth it. 😉

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Gibson was happy to just stand back and watch 🙂

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Next, they wanted to try the Soak N’ Wet. My Grandparents had something similar to this growing up. But instead of a bucket it was a water balloon and someone would try and throw something at the pie tin which would cause the balloon to break from the needle on the other end. We loved it! Definitely a lot of fun memories. So watching them do this felt very nostalgic to me.


My little Brother Kwade was up first. I think it only took Nix a couple throws before Kwade was soaked! Next it was Jovi’s turn. He scooted up in the chair so it only got his back wet haha. Smart kid, I probably would have down the same! Then it was Nixon’s turn and he got it good! — and loved every minute of it.

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I’ve taken on a new perspective this year. To really enjoy life NOW and all the little things. These three kiddo’s of mine are growing up so fast, and I don’t want to feel like I missed out on anything. I’ve been working on being more present, happy NOW and taking life for what it is and trying hard to push through the hard days and not getting stuck when they come. Also having a positive attitude has been key for me. Things seem to run a lot more smoothly and life feels a lot more happy with these things in mind! I also started listing 3 things I’m grateful for and then try to focus on these three things throughout the day. It’s crazy how just the smallest things can really turn your day/life around! I challenge you to give it a try 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!


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