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I’m a sucker for children’s book! And also a little picky. I still remember a few of my favorite children’s books growing up. They were a big part of my childhood and I want to do the same for my kiddos. We always try to make story time a part of our nightly routine but honestly, It doesn’t always happen. Or some nights, I can barley make it through one book… (this pregnancy + 3 kiddos kicks my butt by the end of the day;)) But don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful and wouldn’t have it any other way! Just maybe a little more sleep and a little less morning sickness and then we would be golden. 😉

Anyways, on the nights that we do fit in our story time, I really do love and cherish that time together. Since we have been planning more trips to the library, we seem to have been fitting it in a lot more lately. New books and adventures is always exciting and something to look forward to! We have also been extra anxious for story time this week because their customized books with a story about each of them just came in the mail! They could hardly wait until story time to read them. The books are so dang cute and each tell a story about how a little boy or girl lost their name and throughout the book they find the letters that spell your kiddos name. It’s genius! Then at the end of the book, their name appears. Each one is such a cute adventure on how they find their names, plus I’m obsessed with the illustrations.

the boy who lost his namestorytime

Ev is not always home for story time, so on the nights that he is, the little loves prefer him to read to them.

which I don’t mind one bit.;)

favorite childrens booksimg_9852

My sweet tired little girl waiting for Mama to read to her. <3

Someday we will get rid of that bink she has to have at bedtime. But today is not that day. 😉

img_9855good childrens books

I’m always interested in how other people do their nightly routines with their littles! So I thought it would be fun to share ours **disclaimer every night doesn’t always look like this! But we can only try right. 😉

*Nightly Routine*

7:00 Snack time & a 20-30 min show

7:15-7:30 jammies

7:30-7:40 brush teeth

7:45-8:15 Stories

8:00 Prayer and set out their school clothes

& then we ask them what their favorite part of the day was.

Then loves and kisses and off to dreamland.

And that’s our nighty routine! My kids do really well with a routine (especially Nixon) So we try our hardest to keep somewhat of a routine down. Which totally goes against my natural ways… ha! I’m more of go with the flow. But I do have to say, that having somewhat of a routine has been good for both me and my kiddos. They keep me grounded 😉

childrens books reading to your children

I loved how snugly she was being! Melts my heart.

mommy daughter

Annnnnd then she was out. Love this sweet girl so much. I’ve been wishing for a pause button lately because these little moments with them I know I won’t last forever. So that pause button would help me soak it all up just a little bit longer 🙂

Here is more info about these books if you’re interested.

Happy Thursday!



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