Introducing our newest addition! And a must-have baby registry gift

These past few weeks, we have pretty much been in heaven. Baby Losee (low-see) Mae Stowers made her way into the world on January 30th at 7:38am weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. She is the sweetest baby girl and we are all completely obsessed with her!

When the little loves came to visit us at the hospital and meet Losee for the first time, Ev and I thought it would be fun to have a little gift for each of them from Losee. She got the boys their first bin of little legos and Gibson got a Rapunzel barbie. They loved their gifts and the legos have been the perfect source of entertainment while I adjusted to life after a newborn and all the healing that goes along with it.

It’s been so fun having Losee finally here with us. Shortly after bringing her home, we got a fun package at the door for her! This Finnbin gift box. I’m going to give you a little history behind the box because I always find it so interesting where things originated from! It first started in Finland in the 1930’s, they started sending Mothers home from the hospital with a box filled with baby essentials and then the box provided a safe place for the infants to sleep. It has been credited in reducing Finland’s infant mortality rate to the lowest globally. Finnbin is the Must have baby registry gift!

I love this photo so much!! ^

They all wanted a turn in the box with little Losee haha.

He’s such a good papa bear 🙂

That newborn baby smell!! mmmm.

Gibson girl as been the best big sissy.

Look!!! We caught her smiling in her sleep!

Welcome to our family little Losee Mae. It feels so good to finally have you here!!


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