The Power of Planning

I’ve always been pretty “go with the flow” and live for spontaneous adventures. That’s just how I’ve done things. But the other week I heard something on a podcast I was listening to while cleaning the kitchen and It has totally hit me. It went something like this; “We have this mentality where we think that living a spontaneous life makes us feel more free, when in reality, planning out our day and setting goals is what gives us more freedom.” Whaaaaa! I know I’ve heard something similar to this before but it never stuck with me like it did this time. Maybe is because I haven’t been ready to hear it until NOW. So I have been making some changes, these changes might not seem big from the outside, but they have been big changes for me. I’m already seeing improvement and it’s really been a growing experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll always go with the flow to a certain extent but this new way of thinking and living is already making me feel “more free” And guess what?! I’m actually accomplishing things I have been telling myself I would get to maybe someday… things are getting done! and instead of just taking whatever comes my way that day, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to seize the day. Unfinished projects are getting completed and dreaded corners of the house are becoming clean and titty again. I’m feeling more organized and a little less overwhelmed and it’s a pretty amazing feeling! I actually feel like a have more time in my days to do the things that I want to do as well as accomplish all the things that need to be done. Crazy right?! So what has changed? What am I doing different? I’m planning out my days, weeks and months. Yep you heard that right. Of course things come up and i have to adjust, but having a set outline of things i want to do and seeing it written out on paper actually have been getting done. Sometimes I don’t remember writing something down and when I go back to my list I had already completed that task! It’s like my subconscious mind is eating this stuff up and knows exactly what I’m wanting to do just by writing it out. I’m finally putting into practice what I learned from my private school sixteen years ago!!!. It’s funny how life has a way of circling around and pulling up things from the past once your ready to hear it.

So I’m pretty much all about the organizing now. haha. I bought myself a planner book from Target, also colored gel pens to categorize with different colors. haha I’m laughing at myself now but honestly I like to keep it fun! because that’s what helps keep me motivated. That along with my little family 🙂

Making a wish on a dandelion! I would tell you what he wished for, but then it wouldn’t come true;)

I’m pretty sure we were going over the rules of crossing the street when Ev snapped this ^^ Streets are right up there with pools, they give me the worse anxiety evvverrrrr.

So I have to tell you, having a stroller organizer is so handy! I love not having to bring my big ol purse sometimes and just throw a couple necessities in the stroller organizer. (Told you I was big into organizing now;)

Stroller organizer | Losee’s bow | Stroller | My dress



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