Becoming a Mother Makes You Realize…

“Becoming a Mother makes you realize you can do almost anything one-handed” This quote makes me laugh just because it rings so much truth to me!! Have you ever cracked an egg one-handed? um yep! Texted one-handed? Alll the time. Made a bottle one-handed? Gettin’ pretty good at this one. Made dinner one-handed? Mmm hmm. What about fold laundry one-handed? Sure have. Although I do prefer using both of my hands for that one…

Just this morning, I made a smoothie one-handed so I guess we could add that one to the list as well! haha. I was glad to have a little help from the little loves though. They helped by putting in a few ingredients and getting the ice out of the tray. They all have been loving Mama’s smoothie and want to be apart of the process.

I’ve quickly learned to make twice the size I usually do just so we all can enjoy;) We’ve been adding in this Kura protein powder that was started in New Zealand. I love that It’s grass fed dairy protein powder and that I can trust all the ingredients inside for myself and babies. It comes in three different flavors, berry, vanilla and chocolate! With delicious smoothie recipes to try out. My personal favorites so far have been; Berry Lemon Twist! and the Vanilla Mango Banana, the littles love them too!

Losee girl giving it a thumbs up haha.^^

Nix said he would do the honors of finishing off the smoothie. So thoughtful of him 😉




Losee was laughing at Nix while he did a silly dance. Her SMILE!!!! it makes me want to melt into a big ol’ puddle.

These four right here, are they really all mine?!! They give me all the feels and make me the happiest Mama around. It’s definitely a roller-coaster ride with the ups and downs, but man those ups, those are what I live for! <3<3<3 Also, what are shoes?

Nixon holding Lo lo’s hand. ^^ <3

Jovi and Gibby put on a little show before we wiped down those toesie and headed home. I did a little video on my insta story of these two dancing and Gibby showing off her moves, It was so cute! and I do have to say, that girls got rhythm!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! We are heading to the mountains and I cannot wait for that fresh mountain air.

Have a good one!

Love, The Stowers





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