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Hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July and was able to spend it with those you love! We started ours off with a BBQ/S’mores/water games/firework get together at my parents house. It was so much fun! The kiddos ran through the sprinklers then we lit off fireworks and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. Mmm mmm ohhh the s’mores! I probably had way more than I should have but Jovi and Gibby didn’t end up wanting theirs soooo I would have hated to seen them go to waste…;) This happens more than I would like to admit. This year it seamed like the smoke bombs were even more of a hit than the sparklers. They had fun running and dancing in the smoke while plugging their noses haha.  I have to say, that I feel so blessed to be close by family and to live in this beautiful country that we live in and to have so many things right at our finger tips. We have so much to be grateful for! Clean running water, air conditioning in our homes and cars, comfortable shoes and beds and so much more. I started writing in my gratitude journal again and it’s got me feeling all the more grateful for everything I have right in front of me and my Family is definitely top on the list! Now onto some photos from our day 🙂

I swear these sparkler sticks keep getting smaller and smaller, whats up with that?!

fireworks july 2017

Yui!!! I just love this little Niece of mine so much!

Copey boy! My cute little nephew

My pretty Sissie Chantelle and Novie and Losee!! They are only 5 days apart and I still can’t believe I caught them both smiling!

My Sissies and our girls! Celebrating their first Fourth of July together <3

Papa & my Niece miss Haiven

Signs of a good S’more ^^^

Babies watching fireworks

“Hey Mom, you’re going to want to video this. Me trying my first S’more!” -Nixon buddy

And then Haiv busted out the face painting! It wouldn’t be the 4th without the face painting! Good call miss Haiven.

I’d say the Fourth was pretty good to us this year!

Have a great day everyone!

Roasting sticks for S’mores | Cute picnic blanket with handles | Safe face paints for kiddos




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