SLO Donuts for Slow Mornings

SLO DonutsYou know what’s funny? Only one out of our four little loves actually like donuts. Crazy right?! I guess Losee babe doesn’t really have a say yet, but still. And can you guess who the donut lover is?? It’s Jovi boy, my pickiest eater our of the bunch. Basically if he could live off of chocolate milk and glazed donuts he would be one happy boy. I’m still trying to figure out how to disguise veggies as donuts. –Any tips or tricks on this matter would be greatly appreciated! 😉

Both Ev and I always go for the the chocolate glazed donuts. He likes the ones with the sprinkles and i like the ones without. I thought I would be a little more daring this time around and try out the marshmallow galaxy donut. It was actually pretty tasty! I couldn’t get past all the dye on the top so I only had a few bites haha but it still was a cool looking donut!

One thing we tried really hard to do this vacation was just soak it all up and not be in such a hurry all the time to see everything. Each day we planned out a few things we would like to do and set no time limits for ourselves. It actually felt really good. It made for a more relaxing vacation with slow mornings and fun memories at the beach.

We were also good to still get the kiddos in bed around their normal bedtime to make sure they got a restful night sleep. We have definitely noticed this is key for our kiddos to help avoid late afternoon meltdowns. On nights we knew we would be out later, we would pack their jams with us and change them into them once we were heading back for the night. That way, once we were back at the house we could just get them right into bed.

I loved that this donut shop had games you could play. They matching game was a hit with our little crew. Nix and Gibby teamed up against Daddy and ended up taking him down!

Baby Lo just hung out on my lap or in her car seat. She’s just a perfect little baby! I offered her a donut but she wasn’t feelin it;)

My little donut lover. I just might have to nibble that dimple right off!!!


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