Spontaneous Day Date and Some Exciting News!

out to lunch

Fourth of July morning, the boys went to the park with Papa and Gibby went on a girls date with Gramma. So Ev and I got a spontaneous day date with Losee babe! I kind of forgot how easy it is to go out with only one child. haha. It reminded me of when we were just Newley married and only had Nixon. Crazy to think that was a little over seven years ago! And now look at us, we have added on three more healthy beautiful babes to the bunch, Ev is rocking at hair annnnnd guess what?! We are opening a new little salon here in town! It’s been in the works for some time now and I’m excited to finally be able to share this exciting news with you all !?  We are hoping to be in there at the end of the Summer. We feel so lucky and are so grateful for this opportunity! I can’t wait to share photos of the space! plus the name soon 🙂

For our day date, It was a toss up between two different places on where we wanted to go to for lunch. I was feeling so indecisive and couldn’t decide So I told Ev to pick. But he couldn’t decided either haha. Does this ever happen to any of you?! It’s pretty rare, one of us can usually decided on a place but there has been times where we’re like, uhh I dunno you pick, no you pick. haha. Luckily one of the places ended up being closed so that helped with the deciding factor this time around. Otherwise, we were about to leave it up to Losee girl. 😉

After lunch, we went and got a smoothie then shopped around our little mall.

Lolo is obviously a fan. She has recently started grabbing at things and EVERY thing goes right into her mouth.

After the Mall, we went to my parens go grab the kiddos and surprised them by taking them to see Despicable Me 3. They have been talking about ever since they saw the first preview and have been dying to see it. They were soooo excited when we told them what we were going to see! The look on their faces was priceless.

About half way through the movie, all of the sudden the movie turned off and the theater went pitch black! The kiddos all jumped onto our laps and were a little scared, but then the lights came on and they announced they were experiencing some technical difficulties and that the movie would be back on in about 15 mins. So we ended up getting free popcorn and refills plus free movie tickets to another movie! Score!

After the movie, we went to my parents for dinner then went on top of the Dixie hill to watch the fireworks!

Jovi’s little profile. Melts. me.

This years firework show was probably the best I’ve ever seen here! Losee sat and stared at them the whole time! It was so cute. And lucky for us, we get another firework show on the 24th for pioneer day.

Have a good one guys!

Wearing: Evan’s hat | Losee’s romper |


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