Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Babe’s 32nd Birthday! We started his Birthday weekend off with a night at the Orem Owlz game. It was the first time we have been to a baseball game as a family and it was so much fun!

There was plenty of things to do to keep the kiddos entertained. They had a bounce house, a playground and the theme that night was Disney princesses so Gibson girl was pretty much in heaven! They also gave away fidget spinners at half time which the boys were pretty stoked about.

We started out in the stadium seating right behind home plate with an amazing view of the game! It reminded me of going to watch my dad play when I was little. My Grandma and Grandpa would always get us snacks at the concession stand. I remember always picking the long licorice rope! It was soo yummy.

After the kiddos got restless with sitting, we got some food and snacks and went to the grassy area where we laid out a blanket next to the playground so the kiddos could play. My Sister Chantelle and good friend Lindsy and their families joined us as well! It was such a fun night full of good conversations and great memories made?

Next up to Cinderella, Belle is one of Gibby’s favorite princess. It was so cute to see her reaction to Belle when she asked Gibby for a hug! She even gave the Beast a little squeeze. haha such a brave little girl.¬†

The view from our seats!

Every chance they got, they would run up and give the Owlz mascot a big ol’ hug.

Oh Baby Lo, how I love you so!!


Losee & Novie

These cute little cuzzies kill me. It will be so fun to see them grow up together!

Novie and my pretty sissy Chantelle aka “Belle”

Our Hubby’s gettin’ some grub.

I caught Gibby giving Tayson a flower she picked for him. killllling meeeee!!! These two are so dang cute to each other and always have been!! They are best buds and only 2 days apart. Linds and I were pregnant with them together and it’s been so fun to see them grow up together and pick up right where they left off every time we get together. As Nixon put it the other day, they are “young love” haha. #gibsonandtayson Here’s a >>picture<< of them when they were only a couple weeks old!

Sweet baby girl was getting pretty tired towards the end and fell asleep on Mama’s lap.

Lindsy’s hubby Nephi with Ev and the girls <3

Love these girls so much!!!!

We had such a fun night and crashed pretty hard once we got back to the hotel. Love my little family sooooo much!!! And that man right there^^^

Thanks for the fun night Orem Owlz!!


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