I got this, I’ve TOTALLY got this

Babe is out of town doing hair for a photography workshop this week in North Carolina, so it’s just me and these four cuties for the next five days. I got this, I’ve TOTALLY got this. I just keep repeating this mantra throughout the day when things start to get a little cray cray around here, like when I can’t get a certain someone their chocolate milk fast enough and it ends up turning into a 10 min tantrum because it’s wayyyy past their bedtime. Ya, I got this, I’ve TOTALLY GOT THIS! 

Babe works a lot for us and is gone a lot, so I’m usually running the show around here a lot of the time. Buuut he definitely helps out a lot when he’s home and is extremely missed! That extra hand around bedtime really does comes in handy when everyone is winding down and all of the sudden four littles are needing something at the EXACT.same.time. I swear they plan this. And when babe isn’t here in the evenings, It makes me realize just how helpful it is to have that extra hand here to help with the bedtime routine.

I’ll tell you what, this Mama gig can be pretty tricky at times. Ok I’m not going to sugar coat it, it can be REAL hard at times. but I love these four more than words and would do anything for them. They teach me so much everyday and are modeling me into the Mother and Person I want to become. It’s through those hard times I have to stop and think, ok, what are they trying to teach me here? what lesson am I suppose to be learning that I haven’t yet? And usually if I’m still and dig down deep I can find what it is I’m needing to learn. They say it’s our job to teach our little ones but I’ve always felt it goes both ways, they are here to teach us just as much as we are to teach them. ?

Wearing; Gibson’s polka dot boots | My black Dress (on sale!) | Jovi’s sweatpants  | Front Room Rug | Gibson’s yellow dress and tights


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