Less is More

The other week while the boys were in school, I was home cleaning the house, folding laundry, picking up toys while listening to a favorite podcast.  Losee was napping and Gibby was working on her jumpstart program on the computer. I noticed it was starting to get real hot in the house and thought maybe it was just because I had been running around trying to get as much done as possible while the boys were still in school.  I went to look at the thermostat noticed it was 86 in our house and usually it’s 76. Our AC was broke. With temperatures as high as 110 it was only going to get harder from here on out. It started to get pretty unbearable in the house and almost felt like it was hotter inside than out! I started packing up all of our clothes, blankets and pillows still not exactly sure where we are going just knew we couldn’t stay at the house any longer. And of course it happened on the weekend and so nobody would be able to fix it until Monday. I called Ev to tell him the bad news and he talked with his parents and they said we could stay at their condo for the weekend. Which was so nice of them! So we headed over after the boys got out of school. The little loves all thought it was pretty fun we are having a little staycation at Papa Nana’s condo. We actually use to live in the same condos when the boys were younger so I always brings back so many fun memories when we go over there.

We unloaded all of our stuff and settled in for the night all more grateful for the AC cooling us down that night. It definitely makes you more grateful for the things we sometimes take for granted when you have to live without them for a bit. I remember when we first moved out to Missouri, we were without a washer and dryer for about a week and a half and our dishwasher was broke. As soon as we got a washer and dryer and a dishwasher was fixed it was like Christmas! So soo grateful for things such as dishwasher’s and a washer and dryer’s plus running water. Guys we are all so blessed.??

The condo is just a one bedroom, cute and cozy little place. It made Evan and I confirm our dream of one day owning or building just a simple small cozy little house. We don’t want anything big, we just want something simple that fits our style and makes us feel at home. It ended up being a fun little getaway and our AC was back and running by Monday evening.

Ever since our stay there, I have been Dejunking and getting rid of a lot of things that we don’t use or need. Less is truly more. Just yesterday I was going through one of our cupboards and got rid of almost half of the things, like why do we need so many sippy cups? And most of them were missing a lid?!  I narrowed it down to a few of the kiddos favorites and put the rest in a bag to donate. I also went through all their children’s books, shoes and toys. It’s amazing how good it feels just getting rid of a few extra things that take up space and aren’t being used. Now I’m trying to think of what to tackle next.

Here are some photos we took while we were staying at the condo. We had just got back from swimming and the little loves wanted to go hunting for some lizards. We didn’t end up finding any but they still had fun.

Nixon and Jovis swim shorts | Losee’s polka dot swim suit | Gibson’s Swim suit

Every since they played button button and their friend Teague’s Birthday Party they have been obsessed with it! We never actually have a button so we just end up using whatever we can find laying around. This time around it was a pretty shinny rock Nix found! Then Jovi found a tiny little pinecone he wanted to use when it was his turn.

I love how Losee is looking up at her big Sissy here.

Wearing; Nixon & Jovi’s swim shorts | Losee’s polka dot swim suit | Gibson’s Swim suit | My dress | My hat 

Happy Weekend!!



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