Sundays With The Little Loves

A few Sunday’s ago, we took the little loves for a walk around the temple and to check out the temple visitor center. It’s such a beautiful place and I’m always so amazed at how white it is! When we got inside the visitor center, there was a group that was from Italy. Everyone in the group kept saying how cute baby lo was and would coo or wave at her. It was so cute to watch her reaction to them! She was cooing back and smiling ear to ear. It’s been over 10 years since I nannied in Italy, but I was surprised at how much I was still able to pick up from what they were saying. I was even able to say a few things to them which made them all surprised and excited haha. I quickly had to say that I only knew a little after they started trying to ask me a bunch of questions in Italian.haha. It was such a fun experience and brought back all sorts of flash backs from those days I spent in Italy. Man I miss that place!  One day I will take this sweet little family of mine back to visit. One day for sure!

Hee hee this photo made me laugh! ^^

This girl is constantly getting smothered with kisses — And she loves it! <3

Of course our kiddos found the dirt/mud on the temple grounds. It’s almost like a magnet, they can’t help but be drawn to it no matter where we go! Jovi said he wanted to plant more trees and started telling me about how the roots are under the ground and that the tree grows above the ground, as he stuck a stick into the ground, smart boy! Nixon and Gibson said they were making houses for all the ants to live in. So sooo thoughtful of them 😉 It looks like we may have a few little architectures on our hands.

Nix loves making Losee laugh. And I love watching it all!


Her favorite thing to do with her bonnet is pull on the strings and suck on them! This was probably my 10th time of tying them hahah.

Daddy and Gibby girl. She loves her Daddy soooo much!

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Love these little monkey’s so dang much!!!


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