Four Day Weekend Plus Some Outtakes

The boys had their Fall Break this past week and I can honestly say that four day weekend FLEW by way too fast. We didn’t really have big plans, just wanted to take it easy and soak up all the family time. Even the housework was put on hold. We slept in every morning and stayed up later than usual, well at least for the little loves 😉 Is it just me or is sleeping in such a treat after having kids?!! I can’t seem to sleep in longer than I use to, but that extra bit of sleep when I do get to sleep in is just heavenly. 

A few things we did over the break was went to the Children’s Museum with cousins. And also did a Halloween scavenger hunt they were putting on downtown and each of the kiddos got a choice of a free breadstick or a free ice cream cone from our favorite candy store! Every one but Nixon chose an ice cream cone, he was all about the breadsticks.

Another thing we did durning their break was get together with some of my childhood friends and their kiddos at the park. It’s always so fun to see them! I love that we can just pick up right where we left off, those are the best friends to have!

Saturday evening, the boys suggested a movie and popcorn. So we all got into our Pj’s and piled on the bed for a movie. Jovi and I ended up falling asleep before it was over, Losee babe went down right before we started the movie and Evan and the other two kiddos stayed up to watch the whole movie. It made me laugh because Jovi is taking after me with my habit of falling asleep during movies and Nixon and Gibby are taking after their dad not being able to sleep until it’s over. Makes me laugh.

I also have to add that these pajamas are honestly the most comfy things ever. Even Ev has been wearing them just as much as the little loves. The fabric is so soft with just the perfect amount of stretch to make you never want to take them off. They are not kidding when they say they are the BEST. PJ’S. EVER.

I added some outtakes of our family pics below just because I think they’re pretty hilarious and usually end up being the best photos that go unseen.

Oh my HEART.

 And now for the OUTTAKES

Happy Monday!

Love, The Stowers Fam


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