How Do You Define Happiness?

How do you define happiness? Is it something you gain? Is it something you achieve? Long for? Or want more of? As I’ve been on my journey of creating more happiness in my life, and striving for a more fulfilled life, I’ve discovered that happiness is more of something we generate and create rather than gain or achieve. It’s a continuous effort of putting good positive thoughts into our minds and filtering out the negative ones. Happiness isn’t about being “perfect” or having the “perfect life” (whatever that means to you.) It’s about being truly grateful for what we ALREADY have and continually forgiving ourselves of mistakes along the way. Happiness is fully loving ourselves flaws and all. I think a great goal or approach to happiness is to be so completely in love and happy with your own life and who YOU are, so much that you want to share and spread all that happiness you feel with everyone around you. Happiness isn’t only available to so and so with such and such, It’s available to ALL of us.

If you want to be happy, feed your mind with happy things! Sounds so simple right?? But really it can be so hard at times!  Whatever we put into our minds we absorb then create our thoughts. Our thoughts create our actions which in turn creates our life! Pretty crazy right. It all starts with what we CHOOSE to feed our minds. This is where meditating becomes so important! It’s not so much about sitting in silence for a certain amount of time, It’s about learning how to control what we allow to enter our minds and redirecting our thoughts. This can be such a powerful thing! I think I was around 14 when I first started being drawn to self help books, videos, quotes and more recently, audiobooks, podcasts and motivational YouTubers. I can’t seem to get enough! I love all the good it teaches me and how to filter out what I don’t want in my life.  A few favorites I’ve listened to that have really helped me with my outlook on happiness and life in general would have to be; Happiness Project, The How of Happiness, Present over Perfect, Braving the Wilderness, The Charge and The Motivation Manifesto. Just to name a few… They are all so good! If you haven’t read or listened to any of these, I would highly recommend them.

This year has been such an amazing journey for me of accepting myself and generating my own happiness. I truly feel so blessed to have the amazing life that I’m living, my beautiful family and such amazing friends and family! I’m definitely not perfect and still fall sort daily but like I mentioned before happiness isn’t about being perfect or having the perfect life. It’s about creating good thinking patterns, being grateful for what we already have and being so in love with our own life that we want to spread and share that happiness with those around us.  LIFE IS SO FREAKING AMAZING Guys!! We all have so much potential just waiting to burst out of us to share with the world. So what are you waiting for?? Start feeding your mind with positive thoughts and spread all that happiness around.

 Gosh I love my four little monkeys so dang much!!

**Here’s some photos from our day at the park the other day, also for those who have asked, I’ve linked some of their clothes below 🙂

One thumb up one thumb in the mouth! haha photo credit goes to Jovi boy.

New favorite baby swing right here!!!! Seriously, how genius is this.

Jovi stuck her bear hat on then said she looked like a cute little elf with her ear folded over like that hah. It’s so crazy how flexible babies ears are! Or just babies just in general haha. Lo always seems to have her toes in her mouth or puts her leg up on the highchair tray when she’s eating. It cracks me up. 

“Look Mom! I’m a bat with crazy hair” -Nixon

Gibby wanted to give it a try.

Just showing off their breakdancing ninja skills. I really need to get the boys into breakdancing lesson! Just not sure who teaches here??

Little girlfriend Losee babe the cuteness is always on the move! And also has a lot of names. Haha. I always want to just sit and snuggle her when we are out but she just tries to wiggle her way out of my arms so she can get down on the ground and explore. Ok girl, I get it 😉

We brought this Zevia drink along with some pizza for our picnic at the park. Have any of you ever tried it?! It’s a more healthier approach to soda and the little loves loved it. They all liked the orange flavor and I’m a fan of the strawberry!


Oh Losee babe, Yous too cute!

Jovi has been asking to pick out her outfits this past week and I think it’s the cutest thing! He’s done a really good job too. I’m pretty impressed with his fashion skills.

kid fashion 

Annnd that’s all for now! Hope you’re  having a fabulous day??? It not, it’s not too late to make it that way 😉

Wearing; Gibson’s boots | Gibson’s dress (it must be sold out so here’s some other cute kitty dresses here and here and a cute fox on here | Jovi’s stripped shirt | Losee’s bear hat | My hat (similar)| My boots (similar) | Nixon’s beanie | Losee’s bloomers (similar) | Losee’s tights |


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