Picking Pumpkins with the Punkins

picking pumpkins

The little loves couldn’t wait another day to go and pick out their pumpkins and also go to the halloween store. Ever since they saw the sign go up, they have been asking if it was opened yet. This was about three weeks ago so you can imagine how happy we ALL were once the store finally opened. 😉 

We went to pick out their pumpkins first and then headed over to the Halloween store. Gibson girl really has never been much of a fun for halloween. Just they other day when we were at Lowes, she starting freaking out over some of the Halloween decor they had set up. I ended up having to take her to the other end of the store. Poor girl! The boys on the other hand, They’re all about it.   

If you are following along over on instagram you maybe have seen the story I did of girls vs boys when we were at the Halloween store. Gibson picked out a “beautiful princess costume” (her words) and then Nix comes over with a burnt zombie costume! It was so gross and made me laugh how different their choices were.  Nixon’s costume was way too creepy to buy so I told him we still had time to find him the perfect costume that wasn’t too scary for sister. Jovi picked out a rubber head mask of the guy from despicable me, I don’t know what it is about those movies but out kiddos are obsessed with it. Jovi put it on and went over to baby Lo in her stroller. I thought she would be freaked out by it but she just grabbed at the big nose and made a squealing sound. Haha I love her. 

Babe met us there once he was finished with hair. The little loves all showed him some of the fun halloween toys they had picked out along with some sticker faces to decorate our pumpkins. We decided it would be a fun — and a lot easier to decorate our pumpkins with the fave stickers for now and then once Halloween got closer we could carve them. Luckily everyone agreed on the plan. 🙂

Ahhh, I love them so dang much!!!

After the Halloween store, we walked over to one of our favorite pizza places.

This was our first time trying the new fresh lemonade at Pizzaria Limone. It was seriously DELICIOUS!! Nixon gave it a big two thumbs up.  Pizzari limone

They were all trying to see who could make Losee babe laugh first. I think they all won haha.

This picture cracks me up. first, Jovi’s big cheeser face. Second, Losee totally snatched a piece of my pizza without me even realizing it ha! She was loving it.

During dinner, Gibson would turn into the super pink power ranger girl. And if we called her Gibson or Gibby we would quickly get corrected with, “Noooo, I’m the super pink power ranger girl, duh!”

We got the boys a big box of little legos after Losee was born and ever since they have been obsessed with them! They love watching on youtube lego creations of things people have built, there’s some pretty awesome ones! This was nix showing us the cool lego videos he had found.

Baby low ended up falling asleep at dinner, and I wanted to kiss off those chunky cheeks of hers for dinner;) 

 After we ate, they could hardly wait for us to get home to decorate their pumpkins. A few of them ended up starting to decorate them on our drive home. Haha. Then once we were home, we finished decorating the rest and then put them out on our front porch.

We got our pumpkins all decorated and even a bowl of candy already ready for the trick-or-treaters (Thanks to Nixon) now we just have to figure out what everyone is going to be!


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