Minimalist clothing for kiddos

With the weather warming up, we are all getting pretty excited for summmmer to get here! With plenty of pool dates and non stop adventure on the list! We did get a little taste of summer over the weekend and went out exploring with these little bugs in their new comfy minimal clothing by Will and Ivey. The boys were pretty stoked on these comfy shorts with big pockets, they were so excited to see how much stuff they could fit in them haha. And Gibson couldn’t stop dancing around in her flare pants which is HUGE for her not to be in a dress or skirt! I was pretty shocked!

Something that I’m really loving about this clothing company is not only are their clothes super comfy and minimal, they have also partnered with a program called TAKPAK were they help support children in foster care with backpacks.  These backpacks provide comfort items like blankets, toys, stuffed animals etc… that become their very own during this time of crisis.  The need to feel loved and chosen is so crucial. We are big fans of companies with a mission of giving back and Will and Ivey have easily become a family favorite.

cute comfy minimal clothing for kidsOver the weekend, we went out for a day date, just the littles and I. I let them call all the shots within reason of course;) and we had a blast. Our day started out at our favorite candy shop in town. We all picked out a few favorite treats then shared some delicious bread sticks, Soooo good! Then we walked around to the different shops, played by the stream, picked a few dandelions and pretended to be statues while I snapped a few pictures of them. After that, we ended up at the pool with my sister and her kiddos, and spent the rest of the evening swimming until babe got off work. It turned out to be a really fun day and made my mama heart pretty dang happy!  It’s days like these that help drown out all the rough ones, right? 🙂

frecklescute clothing for boys

Gibby is always dancing and singing and I LOVE it.

flare pants for girls

Losee babe in this little black dress!!! I can’t even.

She’s also getting soooo close at walking!! My little baby girl is growing up way to fast.

black dresses for babiescute minimal clothing for children

It’s so cute how much Losee babe loves her Daddy!!! Big ol’ heart eyes over here!!

will and ivey clothing

Nixon boy is all about the hoodies.

minimal children's clothing

Happy Monday friends!

You can shop Will and Ivey here

p.s We are taking over Will and Ivey’s instagram account today if you want to come and hang out!


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