That Fresh Mountain Air!

A couple weeks ago, we took a drive to the fresh mountain air. The cooler air was just what we were needing and such a nice change from the 114 degrees weather we have been experiencing!! I’ve talked about Smart Family Nutrition on here before and how much our family has been loving them. It’s a good feeling knowing that that extra boost of probiotics and eye care is being added into our daily routine insuring us for a healthier life style.  Our health and taking care of our bodies is so important and has been a topic we have been talking with the littles a lot lately. And how what we feed our bodies helps us in how we feel as well. So getting that extra nutrition in our bodies each more has been top on the list!

I love how close all our kiddos are. I hope it continues as they get older! I also love that Gibson and Losee  both have older brothers to watch over them. Being the oldest girl, thats actually something I always wished I had! An older brother 🙂 So I love that my girls will have them. 

I love that they offer something for the whole family!

Think Smart DHA Soft Gels (family)

Think Smart DHA Drops (baby)

Tummy Smart Lo Han Fruit Melts (kiddos)

See Smart Digital Eye Health (kiddos)

All available for purchase here

Do your kiddos love going to the mountains? What’s a favorite family activity you all enjoy doing?!

Happy Weekend Loves!


Thanks to Smart Family Nutrition for sponsoring this blog post. 

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