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Snow Day!

Waking up to snow was pretty close to Christmas morning for these three. We don’t see a lot of it where we live, so I think that’s what keeps them excited about it! We ate breakfast then ran to the store to get some snow clothes, snow gloves and sleds. The first place we stopped at was all out of snow gloves (I guess we weren’t the only ones on a hunt for some) but we did find some snow gear on clearance so that was a score. Then we stopped at one more place for snow gloves and a sled. They were all out of sleds… but we did find some snow gloves! By that time, Continue Reading

Soon There Will be Four!

Still can’t believe we will be adding another little one to our crew soon! Soon, there will be four little humans to look after and chase around and my two arms will be wayyyy outnumbered. I’m still trying to figure…

In Her Closet Post | 36 weeks bump update

36 weeks!!! Baby girl is growing and continuing her nightly dance parties in my tum tum right around the time I’m ready for bed… It’s cool though, soon we will be having the dance parties together, which I can’t…

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Four more weeks until baby girl is due!!!! and I have been in constant nesting mode! I just have this desire to decorate and redo every room in the house. haha. So far I’ve gotten the front room, master bedroom and…