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A Mother’s Day Well Spent

Our Mother’s Day was pretty low-key and just the way I wanted to spend it. We had a slow morning, didn’t bother changing out of our jams and watched An American Tail in our bed with all the littles. After the movie, we ate oatmeal and toast (a favorite around here.) then little loves built creations with their Legos and connectors while Ev read and I took my sweet time getting ready. It felt so nice compared to my usual rushed 15 min hair + makeup routine.Β  Continue Reading

Motherhood and a Mother’s Day Code

 Mother’s Day is almost here!! What are you doing to celebrate the Women and Mothers in your life? I’ve been thinking about what Motherhood really means to me and it’s just something you just can’t explain. At least i haven’t…

IN HER CLOSET | Live like you’re loved

Guys! Welcome to a new week! Hope your Monday if off to a great start. I’m dragging a little from the weekend but I’m determinedΒ to give myself a good kick in the but and get some stuff done today!…

Saturday, Life, and YouTubeΒ 

We played hooky this week and tagged along with Ev on a little work trip to northern Utah. It was a blast! We hung out with friends, went to the farm then took the little to the zoo. We…