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To my girls.

I hope you always know how truly loved and special you are. I hope you seek for inner beauty and be proud of who God made you to be. I hope you always respect yourself as well as others. I hope you always follow your gut path even when it may look harder than the next. I hope you always stand up for yourself even when it’s hard. I hope you never stop dancing and reaching for the stars. I hope you always come to me for advice not matter the situation. I hope Continue Reading

Pismo Beach and Our New Little Friend

Pismo beach was probably the littles favorite beach out of all the ones we went to this trip. They collected a bucket full of sea shells and even found three sand dollar’s they were pretty proud about. Jovi asked…

Keeping Our Skin Protected With Aveeno

There’s just something about the beach that is so calming and leave’s me feeling reset and recharged to tackle life and all the responsibilities and goals I have. One being to be more present with my babies throughout the…

SLO Donuts for Slow Mornings

You know what’s funny? Only one out of our four little loves actually like donuts. Crazy right?! I guess Losee babe doesn’t really have a say yet, but still. And can you guess who the donut lover is?? It’s…