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In Her Closet | The Wesley Corduroy Dress

Corduroy Dress | Joshua Tree Tee | Tan Flats | Lip Color 

Gibby’s skirt | shirt | shoes

Nothing makes my heart happier than spending time with my people. We for sure have our days, and are usually drowning in mountains of laundry but our belly’s are full, we have a warm hour and we are all well, so I just have to keep counting my blessing and keep telling myself that this messy chaos will turn into empty nester rooms before I know it and I will be longing for the life as it is now, the mess and all!  Continue Reading

Four Day Weekend Plus Some Outtakes

The boys had their Fall Break this past week and I can honestly say that four day weekend FLEW by way too fast. We didn’t really have big plans, just wanted to take it easy and soak up all…

Carrisa’s Story #avenehope

As my babies grow older, there are many things I wish I could protect them from, bulling being one of them. I recently discovered Carrisa’s story and it both touched and broke my heart. She has been bullied most…

How Do You Define Happiness?

How do you define happiness? Is it something you gain? Is it something you achieve? Long for? Or want more of? As I’ve been on my journey of creating more happiness in my life, and striving for a more…