Gardening Tips With Kids

Lo For Earth Day, we thought it would be fun to plant a mini garden! I had the little loves help decide on what we should plant in our garden and It’s so dang cute how excited they are about it! My Grandma Sorensen always had at least 6 different gardens going at the same time and a lot of my childhood memories with her was out helping pick fresh strawberries and veggies and breaking green beans in half in her front room to bottle. So every time I garden i feel so close to her and it makes me happy to see my kiddos enjoying it as well.

Here are a few tips on getting your littles involved and excited about gardening!

  1. Have them help with the planning of the garden.  Ask them questions like; what do you think a good sized garden would be? What all should we plant? Should we plant fruits and veggies? or just veggies? How often do you think we need to water our garden? Get their little minds a thinking!
  2. Have them draw pictures of what they want they garden to look like.
  3. Help them learn what each plant is and what they will grow into and what each plant are good for when we eat them.
  4. Have them write on popsicle sticks the names of each of the plants.
  5. Get them their own special gardening tools to use. I thought these ones and  these ones were cute!  And these ones would be great for toddlers.
  6. Let them help dig around in the soil and help soften it up before you start planting.
  7. Have them help dig the holes for each of the plants.
  8. Have them help with the watering, weeding and then the reward of picking the fruits &

    veggies once they’re ready!

Everything we used for our garden 

We also planted these cute lil guys!

A few years ago we found some very similar ones at Home Depot and just the other day, I found these at Target and had to get them!

I was hoping to grab a link to share but for some reason can’t find them anywhere :/


Hope this helps! Happy Gardening!




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