Sick & Tired




The other night, i was up with all three kids at one point or another. They all had to take their turn. Nixon was first, he comes rushing in around 2 am and says “mommy, mommy i need to throw up” Half asleep, i jump out of bed and try to rush him to the bathroom sink. I was a little too late, and was left with a mess in the hallway to clean. I laid him in our bed and let him fall asleep, then moved him back to his bed.

Next it was Jovi’s turn, l hear him calling me from his room so i go to see what’s up (beside me at this point, :/ zzzzz) he said he had a sad dream and wanted some chocolate milk. I quickly got him a drink, kissed his forehead and went back to my bed in hopes to get some sleep. That lasted about a few hours then it was Gibby’s turn.

I went in to get her out of her crib and tried to rock her back to sleep. As soon as her head hit her pillow, she was up and crying again. So I put her in bed with us. She rolled around for a little while, kicked Ev in the face a few times, then finally fell asleep. And so did i, i think… Next thing i know, Nixon is back in our room saying his tummy still hurts and he just threw up (i was glad he at least made it into the bowl i had set by his bed this time around.)

I moved Gibson back into her crib then laid Nixon in between Ev and i. And finally was able to get a little bit of rest. That morning, nix was still not doing very well and jovi woke up with a fever. so i put them in the tubby, got them dressed and turned something on for them in the front room so they could rest on the couch. I hate it when my little ones get sick.:( Luckily Gibson seemed fine and was good to just roam around most of the day well at least until after her nap, then she turned into a little fuss bucket.


That evening, i turned on Babes in Toyland and watched it while we waited for babe to get home. 8:30 finnnnalllly came rolling around and Daddy was home! yay! Daddy O to the rescue. Gibs was SO excited to see him and did a little dance as he walked through the door. He helped me with the kids while i cleaned up the kitchen. Jovi told Ev how he wasn’t feeling very good and that he had a dream about a scary monster. Ev assured him that there were no monsters and that he didn’t need to be afraid and then tucked him into bed. I let Nix play a coloring game on the phone while i tried to get Gibson down. He ended up falling asleep by the time i went back in to take the phone and tell him goodnight. Gibson was protesting and was not wanting to go down yet (she is usually the easiest to get to sleep) So i went and got her out and her and i hung out in the living room so Ev could get some sleep. (he had to get up early the next morning for work.)

Gibs was being such a little goof and had so much energy. I was wondering if someone had snuck some sugar into her bottle or something.  I let her play a little longer then picked her up with her blankie and bottle and rocked with her for a little while. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time i had sat and rocked with her. I felt really good to have her snuggle so close to me as we rocked back and forth. i started thinking about how i had always wanted a little girl and could not wait for her to get here when we found out i was pregnant with her. I always thought i would have a girl first, but i am glad that Heavenly Father had her come third. He knew she needed two older brothers to look our for her and he also new exactly when i would need her the most. She has been my little Angle babe and ball of sunshine. I am truly thankful for her sweet spirit and for the light she brings into our life. We love you sweet Gibby Lou. And of course your sweet brothers too.


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