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A few days ago while I was making breakfast, I put my laptop on the counter and watched a film called American Blogger. It was very inspiring to me as I watched and listened to other fellow bloggers across the US tell their story and why they blog.

This past year has been a roller coaster for me for sure. I have had many ups and many downs. I have also had doubts on keeping my blog going.

I have always loved sharing ideas, life experiences and daily happenings. I grew up writing in my journal almost every night writing about my day, thoughts and feelings.

As I got married and started having children my blog became my journal.

This blog has been through a lot. From DIY to fashion posts to kid activities to whatever else I felt like throwing on here.

I like to try out new things. Sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t. But I have always know that writing about my life and family was something I felt strongly about.

I think this very reason is what have kept me going.

I feel very blessed to be living this life I was blessed to have. To have such a supportive Husband and three beautiful children. They are my everything. They are my rock. When something I have been working on doesn’t turn out how I planned, I always have them to fall back on and lift me up.

So as I continue to blog and document bits and pieces of our lives, I hope to let a little more of myself show through my writing. I hope to capture the moments that mean the very most to me and share silly things I want to remember the little one’s saying. I also hope to build connections with people who feel like they can relate with me through this crazy/fun adventure we call Motherhood.

I know I have said this before, but most of all I want this blog to be a happy, honest, real place to be and a place we can fall back on and remember as we get old. 


        Photo by Tracy Layne Portraits 
much love,

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