The Pastry Shop

{November 13, 2014}

It’s been raining for the last few days. The smell outside is so refreshing. Yesterday I wasn’t going to let a little rain ruin our plans of going out for the day. It actually made it a little more fun and adventures.

I got the little loves all bundled up, and we loaded in the car to go visited papa bear at work. Ev has been working back and forth between two different salons locations and last week went and took a tour of the downtown location, we hadn’t see the one he was working at today yet, so I was excited to go check it out.

The kids love going to visit daddy at work! They were so excited when we stepped into the salon and he was instantly spotted and treated with hugs & kisses. We took a quiet little tour around, since the boys tend to get crazy when they are all hyped up and excited.

We passed out more hugs and kisses to daddy and headed on our way. Before heading back home, we went to check out a cute little pastry shop we had been hearing about. It was right nest to Evans salon so we walked over to get a few treats.  It was a cute bright blue shop, and everything on the menu looked delicious! It reminded me of a shop i use to walk to in Italy. We each picked out a treat and a baguette and sat down outside to eat.  

I can’t remember what these things were called, but they were pretty dang tasty! 
By the time we had finished up eating, it had started raining again. 
So we ran back to the car and headed home for some hot cocoa. 

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